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For additional help, visit the KazziText Forum

Download & Installation

  • Download the AddinSetup.exe and run it from your hard drive.
  • Accept the default options during the installation routine, which should only take a coupl eof minutes to complete.

How to Configure your Settings

  • If not already registered, visit the Web Registration Area.
  • Complete the details and Authenticate your account.
  • Input the details for your Registration into the KazziText Options box

Outlook Screens

  • For more detailed information about the Outlook Add-in visit the Outlook page on this site


  • Read the Detailed Manual, which includes this and other KazziText products

KazziText Forum

  • Click this link to visit our new Forum, where users can exchange information and news.

Additional Software and Patches

  • Additional Software, like our Message Manager, KazziText SDK, and other products can be accessed and download from our Download Manager.