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(Web, ActiveX & Client/Server App)

The worlds most advanced SMS system now has a host of new features and services, an Outlook Add-in, an Email-SMS gateway, scheduled SMS events and many more being developed all the time. Why not contact our consultants and see how they can get your sites and software using the worlds most advanced SMS system, and as we provide a direct service our prices are unbeatable. We also provide an ActiveX COM SDK for use with our service which will allow you to integrate your own products and service directly with the KazziText System.

NEW **LOWER** Prices

The costs for sending and receiving messages with our service are now

100 message credits £4.80  
1,000 message credits £44.00  
2,000 message credits £86.00  
5,000 message credits £210.00  
10,000 message credits £410.00  
25,000 message credits £1,000.00  
50,000 message credits £1,900.00  

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